Dear Bran friends and families,

 It is with great disappointment in these challenging days ahead that we have to announce the postponement of BRAN for 2020. 

After dozens of emails and phone calls to our committee members and all of the host communities, the decision was made in order to protect the riders, all the other individuals and host communities involved to postpone the event until June 6-12 in 2021.

All of our crew and host communities felt it best not to reschedule the event for a later date this year. This will hopefully allow for time to get Covid-19 Virus figured out and under control.

At this time we are in contact with Active,  our registration host, and we are making arrangements to send refunds to individuals registered. If you are currently registered you will be contacted by BRAN.   No need to send Active an email. If you would have other questions pertaining to this, send those questions to or

There will be no T-shirts, jerseys, caps or water bottles sent out as our vendors were unable to produced them at this time. You will be refunded for those items as well.  

When the virus situation gets back under control we will again start the process of gearing up for Bran 40 in 2021.  Our intent along with the host communities is to continue with the exact same ride that was planned for 2020, thus allowing all of our BRANimal members and family to participate and continue on with the tradition of our yearly migration across NEBRASKA.


A Bicycle Ride, By Bicyclists, For Bicyclists