Partners With BRAN

Each of our partners plays a role in bringing BRAN to you every year. The Omaha Northwest Rotary Club began this project, but BRAN has since become it’s own entity.  NW Rotary continues to provide the leadership and distribution …

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This year’s tour is different from any we have ever done.  New and exciting, we are going coast-to-coast, but South to North.  We will be following the Missouri River with a pre-ride on Saturday, June 3rd which will take you into Missouri and/or Kansas, letting you tick off three states in one ride. BRAN is using a 3 or a 4 day ride, as well as the traditional 7 day adventure.  Including the pre-ride, both days are 4 days long.  On days 5 and 6, BRAN is offering short (12), medium (60+) and long rides (80+ – 100).  The long rides will take you into South Dakota and Iowa.  BRAN is honoring the native peoples of our state and riding past, through or staying on, the reservations of the Iowa, Sac and Fox, Ponca, Winnebago and Omaha peoples.  We have something for everyone on this tour.  Remember, this is a ride, not a race and you do not need to find pledges, and that 1000% of our profits go to students from Nebraska, to attend Nebraska trade schools, colleges and universities.  Thanks to the riders who have participated over our 36 years, BRAN has contributed almost 1 MILLION DOLLARS to the education in Nebraska.

2017 Bran Map

2017 – Maps

Our theme is “5 Nations 5 States” and we will be celebrating the native American culture on this years’ ride.  The five indian nations are Fox, Sac, Iowa, Winnebago and Omaha.  The riders will get to pick from different route options on 3 days (See links to maps below). Saturday, arrive early in Falls City (SE Nebraska) and ride into Iowa and/or Kansas as options.  On Sunday we pedal to Auburn, Monday to Weeping Water.  On Tuesday, we arrive at North Bend. We are offering 3 and 4 day rides this year, along with the 7 day adventure.  Those who sign up for the first 3 days will be leaving at North Bend, but we are welcoming the 4 day riders there as well.  On Wednesday, we pedal to Wayne and on Thursday, riders will pick from a 12 mile, 60 mile, 90 or 106 [into South Dakota] mile route, to Wakefield.  On Friday, riders will end their day in Winnebago, but will have optional routes taking them into Sioux City, Iowa and north, into a loop of South Dakota.  On Saturday, we will finish our ride in Tekamah.  All riders will be provided the shower truck and coffee as a part of their fees.  We took the rider comments from the surveys and have tried to accommodate as many of the ideas as feasible.  This is a one year variation and we will be returning to the west/east format next year.  This gives BRAN the opportunity to highlight the eastern side of the state where we rarely have the opportunity to do so.  We hope you like it!
We hope to see you all on the ride!

Maps to the Ride:

Saturday- Missouri Route       
Saturday- Kansas Route          
Saturday- Missouri and Kansas Route  
Sunday- Falls City to Auburn 
Monday- Auburn to Weeping Water
Tuesday- Weeping Water to North Bend
Wednesday- North Bend to Wayne    
Thursday- Wayne to Wakefield
Short Route    
Medium Route
Long Route 
Long Route including South Dakota   
Friday- Wakefield to Winnebago
Short Route 
Long Route including Iowa, with option into South Dakota
Saturday- Winnebago to Tekamah


Best Host for BRAN 36

Host Communities for BRAN 36 did a spectacular job making the riders welcomed. The traveling home away from home atmosphere prevailed in each and every community. GRANT, An absolutely wonderful start host community for BRAN. They did it right . . . …

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BRAN 36 Rider Survey Results

Because we care about our riders, we ask how we did and how we can get better.  BRAN is posting our results for all to review.  A disclaimer, the spelling isn’t always correct, but the content includes all comments from …

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Bike Rack

The Bike Rack

The Bike Rack, one of Omaha and Lincoln’s premier bike shops, supports the riders on BRAN.  The Bike Rack will get your bike on the road in the morning, patrol the roads to fix anyone’s bike problems, and then be in camp at night to address the more advanced issues with your bike.  Check them out now for all of the bikes, services and bicycle related items they have for the serious, and sometimes not so serious cyclist.  The professional staff at the Bike Rack will help you fit your new or older bike; recondition, repair and restore your old ride; help you select the equipment that best suits your needs; fix and repair in 24 hours or less; are convenient and professional.  We are proud to partner with them and you can visit them now at 

Stop by their locations in Omaha and Lincoln.  Support them with your business, as they support us on the ride!