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Unlike other rides in Nebraska and Iowa, Pork Belly Showers is an included FREE for being a part of the Bicycle Ride Across Nebraska.  No one else has a benefit like this!  Hot showers, as many as you want each and every day, with soap, shampoo and towel provided as well!  You won’t have a smelly towel in your duffle bag all week!  Also, Pork Belly Ventures is making coffee every morning for everyone, FREE OF CHARGE.
If you want to contract with Pork Belly Ventures to be your personal SAG and have them set up your tent, air mattress, put your bags in your tent and have a cool beverage waiting for you (in other words, treat you like royalty), Dave Kennedy is your man!!!! Take the time to look at the amenities offered and at $60 per day, it’s a bargain.

Pork Belly Ventures is also bringing along their PHAT Trailers!  We were able to auction one room off at the ROUTE ANNOUNCEMENT PARTY, but there are 4 more to rent.  Each room can sleep 5 people, so get your friends together and have air conditioning, a soft bed, maid service and all the amenities that you can imagine!  Live like a PIG!


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