Route Announcement Party Winners

The Route Announcement Party was held on September 19th to a packed house at DJ’s Dugout.  The crowd enjoyed the opportunity to eat and have a drink during the social time prior to the raffle.  The raffle winners were:

Winners of rider numbers 1-10                                    
10-Teresa Kuper                                                   
9-Paul Stultz
8-Lorraine Howard
7-Carol BECIC
6-Bob Hier
5-Marty Shukert
4-Harry Baulisch
3-Jeff Benson
2-Ray Anderson
1-Tony Sillman
Winner of the Free Entrance- Tom Gollobit
Bicycling Subscription-Ray Anderson
Massage-Frank Perrone
Pork Belly Hotel/night
Saturday- Michael Grube
Sunday-Michael Johanek
Monday-Loraine Howard
Tuesday-John Catalono
Wednesday-Scott Noyes
Thursday-Angie Eikenberry
Friday-Ronda Hall
Thank you to everyone who attended and shared in our experience of delivering the route to the best riders in Nebraska, the BRANimals.

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