Partners With BRAN

Each of our partners plays a role in bringing BRAN to you every year.

  • The Omaha Northwest Rotary Club began this project, but BRAN has since become it’s own entity.  NW Rotary continues to provide the leadership and distribution of the scholarships, as well as members are on the ride helping riders have a great experience.
  • The Omaha Pedalers Bicycle Club is a co-sponsor, and in addition to members being actively involved in planning and working the ride, as instrumental in providing the snacks at the stationary SAGs!
  • The Bike Rack has been associated with BRAN for many years and as a premier bicycle shop, assists the riders pre-ride, during the week (in camp and on the road) and post-ride.  See Jim Carveth and the wonderful folks at both locations.
  • Pork Belly Ventures has been with BRAN since 2011, and we haven’t looked back.   PBV believes so much in BRAN they have helped us bring about showers for everyone this year!  Hot water in the shower, private changing rooms, amenities and even the PHAT Trailer will be tagging along
  • We are happy to share we have a new service available this year!  BACKROADS BATTERY.  Backroads Battery will be providing battery rentals for charging of mobile phones, bike computers, sports watches or any USB chargeable device.  You will no longer need to part with your phone in order to get it charged.  You can rent a small, medium, large or extra-large fully charged battery that fits in your pocket.  Keep the battery with you until it runs out of juice and then bring it back to Backroads Battery and swap it for a fully charged battery.  The batteries will provide enough juice to charge 1 to 5 devices depending on their size.  Hours of operation will be from 6 AM to 8 AM and from 6 PM to 9 PM each day of the tour.  Prices for the battery rentals will be from $5 – $12.50 depending on size.  Each battery requires a $10 deposit in case you decide to keep the battery instead of returning it. Charging cables are not included but can be purchased at our booth.

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